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S7 E16: Wrapping up the Season

May 16, 2022 Eric Imperiale Season 7 Episode 16

Lisa Dieker: [00:00:06] Welcome to Practical Access. I'm Lisa Dicker.  [00:00:07][1.9]

Rebecca Hines: [00:00:08] And I'm Rebecca Hinds. And I just found out that there are sound effects on our editing bay.  [00:00:14][5.8]

Lisa Dieker: [00:00:14] I know, and she's driving me crazy.  [00:00:16][1.3]

Rebecca Hines: [00:00:18] You're welcome, Lisa.  [00:00:19][0.6]

Lisa Dieker: [00:00:19] Yeah, so. So we're wrapping up this season, thank goodness, because if I have to hang out with you one more time, come on. There we go. I'm not quite sure what I would do.  [00:00:31][11.8]

Rebecca Hines: [00:00:34] You're welcome. Listeners. So, Lisa.  [00:00:35][1.8]

Lisa Dieker: [00:00:37] This summer wait a minute, let's wrap up the season first. Let's go to summer yet.  [00:00:41][4.2]

Rebecca Hines: [00:00:42] Boo. What were some of your highlights?  [00:00:44][2.1]

Lisa Dieker: [00:00:46] Well, I think my first highlight is it's good to be 100. I think that's a highlight. I mean, if you think about what we learned, no one in the room, of course, was 100. We do want to give that disclaimer. But the wisdom and what we've learned from that one room schoolhouse, that one person to all the great speakers we had, I just feel humbled, proud and excited for the future.  [00:01:12][26.8]

Rebecca Hines: [00:01:13] It was interesting to hear from someone who was truly, you know, around early on. And we have several guests that fit that mold. And, you know, Mary Ruth Coleman talking about really some of the very first text books and then all the way up to some really young dynamic up and comers. So I hope that you guys enjoyed those episodes.  [00:01:34][21.1]

Lisa Dieker: [00:01:35] Yeah. And I do have to say that, you know, I was reminiscing with one of our listeners. You know, Holly Lane did a great job of kind of really breaking down literacy one on one. And I said, yeah, I wish I too, you know, had all that when my son was born. You know what I have to tell you? I think Holly be okay with it. She said, I wish I had known all that when you were dealing with your son, struggling and reading. And so I think that's where the word hopeful comes. I think I think all of those listeners that are either teachers, parents, people with disabilities, people who are from, you know, diverse backgrounds, people who are leaders, it's hopeful. I mean, I know it's it's a tough time we've been in, but I think I'm very hopeful. So I'm excited about that.  [00:02:15][39.8]

Rebecca Hines: [00:02:16] And and the overall theme, at the risk of sounding like a big commercial for CSC, I think everybody did a great job of explaining how important it is to stay connected with other people who are like minded and out here to make a difference in the lives of kids. And that's what we've heard from all of our guests. And it was it was inspiring, but also reminded us to get back to our roots and love what we're doing.  [00:02:36][20.2]

Lisa Dieker: [00:02:37] Yeah. And does it matter the organization, whether it's your local PTA, it's your you know, we do so much great work with the Down's Syndrome Foundation. You know, sometimes having people that are thinking like you and trying to solve problems together is so much more fun than by yourself. So I love this season and I can't think our array of beautiful, rich, diverse thinkers and leaders and the historical context of the season.  [00:03:02][25.1]

Rebecca Hines: [00:03:02] Well, I'm looking forward to next season.  [00:03:05][2.5]

Lisa Dieker: [00:03:08] I had the first Tinker Bell.  [00:03:10][1.7]

Rebecca Hines: [00:03:12] So we're about to relax. We're about time, step back and think about how we're going to spend our summer. And I'm excited for our topics that we have upcoming.  [00:03:24][12.0]

Lisa Dieker: [00:03:25] Yeah, you know, I can't sing, so I won't and nor do you want me to. But this season coming up, we're going to be thinking about summertime. And we know wellness holds child life, extracurricular boating, sailing, weather, fishing, sleeping, yawning. All those things are really important. And our guests are going to feature kind of an array of folks helping us think about what to do with summertime.  [00:03:54][28.9]

Rebecca Hines: [00:03:55] And I think the exciting thing is that let's hear some voices from outside our field. We just heard leaders inside the field. We're going to take it 180 degrees and look outside of special education and tap into some of those things that are just good fun and that might actually spark some ideas that we can take back in the fall.  [00:04:12][17.8]

Lisa Dieker: [00:04:13] And I think I'm going to kick off my one tip for the summer. Just be really nice to yourself. I don't know if anybody else, but I'm tired and I'm not tired of doing good work. I'm just tired. And and so I think it's a great time to reprioritize and say what is fun. So that's going to be my three letters for this next season is f you in fun? Fun.  [00:04:36][23.0]

Rebecca Hines: [00:04:39] You scared me for a second. So I am looking forward to rounding up guests who can talk to us about a painting project or a gardening project. Some relaxation techniques, some physical activity. We're going to bring everything we can find that will help you enjoy your summer and give you some new ideas moving forward.  [00:05:00][20.9]

Lisa Dieker: [00:05:00] So if you have an idea for a guest to add to this season, please, or topic or topic, please send us a question on our Facebook page at Practical Access or send us a tweet at Access Practical. Thanks for listening.  [00:05:00][0.0]